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List of Frequently Asked Questions

What is Philippine Startup Week 2019 (PHSW19)?

Philippine Startup Week 2019 is the country’s first conference with simultaneously occurring nationwide events showcasing the Filipino startup community, created through the collaboration of the Department of Science and Technology, the Department of Trade and Industry, the Department of Information and Communications Technology, and QBO Innovation Hub, together with various community enablers. 

PHSW19 offers a series of events across the country, each highlighting the entrepreneurial spirit and technological innovations of Philippine startups and startup enablers. Consisting of a 3-day main summit, over 40 nationwide community events, and 4 night fests, this 5 day conference features various opportunities to discover the latest advancements in tech and innovation, network with key players in the ecosystem, and to engage with the most promising startups in the country.

What's the difference between "Main Summit", "Community Event", and "Night Fest"?

The Main Summit is made up of three summits namely, TBI Summit organized by the Department of Science and Technology, Tech Advantage organized by the Department of Information and Communications Technology, and Slingshot organized by the Department of Trade and Industry.

The Community Events are breakout events organized by various community partners across the country. They are a mix of industry and subsector talks and panel discussions, hackathons and pitching competitions, workshops, and many more! 


The Night Fests are events which provide the opportunity for individuals from the startup community to network and to celebrate PHSW19 together. 

Where will PHSW19 events be held?

The Main Summit, happening from November 20 to 22, will take place at Crowne Plaza, Ortigas. All community events will take place in various venues across the country. Specific details about the locations of the events can be found in the full schedule and on the individual registration pages of the events.

How do I attend?

Simply select the events that you would like to attend and fill-up the registration from.

Is registration free?

Yes, registration for all events is free of charge!

Can students attend PHSW19 events?

Yes! People from all industries and sectors are invited to attend the different PHSW19 events.

Do I get a certificate?


How do I get a startup booth?

Startup booth applications close on November 1.

You may apply at



Startup booth applications are now closed. 

Can I get a booth if I’m not a startup?

Booths are strictly for startups, main organizers, and co-organizers.


If you would like to be a co-organizer please email us at 

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