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Event Schedule
NOV. 23 | Monday
NOV. 24 | Tuesday
NOV. 25 | Wednesday
NOV. 26 | Thursday
NOV. 27 | Friday

TBI Feature: CDO b.i.t.e.s., University of Science and Technoloy of Southern Philippines

9:00 AM-10:00 AM

CDO b.i.t.e.s, QBO Innovation Hub Philippines

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Opening Ceremony


Philippine Startup Week returns this November 23 - 27, 2020! Let's celebrate together the Filipino startup community and the key players contributing to the burgeoning Philippine startup ecosystem. Learn, collaborate, and connect with relevant stakeholders from across the country and beyond! This large-scale collaborative initiative is organized by DOST, DTI, and DICT, together with QBO Innovation Hub and other private agencies.

DICT's InnovNation


Department of Information and Communications Technology

“tThe Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), through its ICT Industry Development Bureau (IIDB), in partnership with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), and QBO Innovation Hub is organizing the Philippine Startup Week 2020 (PHSW20). This national event, with the theme “Filipino Startups Powering-up the New Normal,” is one of the projects and activities in the Startup Assistance Program 2019-2023 of the three agencies.

The DICT Day dubbed as InnovNation will be the first program of the 5-day conference and will run from 09:00 AM – 01:00 PM. This event has two (2) tracks which will feature startups and startup community builders in the countryside.

TBI Feature: Animo Labs, De La Salle University


Animo Labs FabLab

Track: Discover

This session showcases what technology business incubators (TBIs), namely Animo Labs and the Fab Lab, contribute to the university, the community, and their respective industries. This talks about what could be the pathway for a researcher or student to fully realize the value of an invention or innovation that could become an entrepreneurial venture that also contributes to the welfare of society.

Top 100 by QBO


QBO Innovation Hub

Meet 100 of the best startups in the Philippines!

TBI Feature: BatStateU CTI, Batangas State University


BatStateU CTI

Track: Discover

Let’s get together to witness the biggest startup event this year! In this program, one of the TBI Original Gangsters of the DOST PCIEERD in Luzon will be featured – The BatStateU CTI. Learn about their programs and services, incubated startups and how Batangas State university was able to establish a strong community support system to promote technopreneurship and innovation in the region.

Turn On Demand, Turn On Discovery Commerce


Facebook Philippines

Track: Develop

Disruption has put Southeast Asia in fast forward. In 2019, we projected that the number of digital consumers in the region will reach 310 million by 2025. That day has arrived much faster than anticipated: we are now expected to reach that figure by the end of 2020. Five years of digital transformation happened in one and the move from offline to online has taken off much faster than anyone expected.

In this webinar, representatives from Facebook Philippines will dive deep into how the digital consumer’s discovery habits are changing, their openness to switching brands, and their growing preference towards online channels, especially in previously offline-dominated categories.

Learn about why brands need to prepare for an omni-channel future, differentiate in today’s digital marketplace, and lead in the world of Discovery Commerce. Hear Facebook experts talk thru products and solutions as well as successful business stories to dive deep on how to start leveraging the power of discovery commerce for your companies.

PH New Energy Ecosystem Map Launch


New Energy Nexus Philippines

Track: Discover

Countries are on the move to accelerate the world’s transition to clean energy. With public and private investment increasing, and as more people and institutions become more aware of sustainable generation and use of energy, the clean energy industry offers multiple opportunities for businesses, technologies, and startups. With the Philippines’ high electricity rates, low adoption of renewable energy, and electrification rate, there are numerous opportunities for startups and innovation-driven solutions to enter the market. The Philippine New Energy Ecosystem Map is one way that we envision to bring the energy and innovation community together. The map contains the different indicators, mechanisms, and enabling environments relevant to startups, incubators, and public and private sector representatives and investors to understand the energy landscape and identify the different strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that the stakeholders can leverage on.

This event is ideal if you are a/an:

  • Investor or funder interested in clean energy and cleantech opportunities;

  • Startup or entrepreneur and you want to see the current gaps in the energy sector that can be solved by technology and innovation;

  • Incubator or entrepreneur-support organization and you want to identify areas in the energy community that needs further support and strengthening;

  • Public or private sector representatives and you want to understand who the ecosystem players are for collaboration.


We encourage energy and startup enthusiasts to join us as well, as this initiative is open to everyone interested to be part of the energy ecosystem!

Cross-border Market Expansion & Startup Acceleration



Track: Collaborate

This event will feature startup enablers from the international startup ecosystem and will share how startup acceleration and support is done across the globe.

Filipino Researchers as the Next Startup Founders



Track: Discover

"Ideas are cheap, execution is everything.” This statement brings about a notion of implementation and execution in the startup world. In the same manner, we want to see more researchers implement solutions that solve our country's problems through entrepreneurship.

Saliksik and UPSCALE's collaboration aims to bring the three big players in the Philippine research ecosystem— government, academe, and industry— into a one-panel session. Topics within the session include researchers’ considerations when deciding to do a startup, the struggles of the researcher-founder, and what the Philippines could look like with a strong research and startup culture. Researchers, as potential startup founders, will learn the perspectives and motivations of each sector.

The solution to every societal problem starts with research, but this is only possible if research is successfully adopted or transferred to society. Let’s talk about how to improve research through entrepreneurship!

Synergy: A Discussion on Collaboration for Social Impact with PhilDev Foundation


PhilDev Foundation

Track: Collaborate

The program features the contribution of startups and social enterprises in bringing inclusive development in the country through effective collaboration.

Our session aims to showcase the impact social enterprises have on their partner communities, illustrate how intra-sector and inter-sector collaboration can amplify the impact of startups, and explore opportunities for the SE sector given a supportive environment.

The Power of Coaching for Fast Growing Startups


PRAXIS Associates PH Co. and UpUp Technologies Pte Ltd.

Track: Develop

In this session, company leaders are invited to wear a different hat— that of a learner. Experts in human resource and organizational development will take the participants on a whole new experience in coaching.

Open Banking and What it Means for Your Startup



Track: Develop

What does the future of financial services look like in the Philippines, and how does this impact your startup? The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated digital banking activities, and Philippine banks are shifting focus to digital products and fintech partnerships, powered by APIs and other modern technologies. This evolution toward digital, platform-based banking products is typically called “Open Banking”.

In this session, we will hear from Todd Schweitzer, CEO, and Co-Founder, and Clarence Bondoc, Business Development Lead of Brankas, the leading Open Banking provider in Southeast Asia. They will share insights, observations, and predictions related to Philippine fintech and how your startup can take advantage of the new technologies and regulations.

Discussion topics include:

  • What is Open Banking, and how is it shaping modern financial services?

  • Digital banking and the future of bank-fintech collaboration 

  • Current and soon-to-be-published Open Banking regulations in the Philippines

  • New financial tools for startups: payments, reconciliation, statement retrieval, and more

South East Asia Trends in a Post-Covid World


Draper Startup House Manila

Track: Invest

We are living in unprecedented times, where entrepreneurship and innovation are essential to lead us out of this recession and create the new tools to empower us forward. This panel features SEA investors from Draper Startup House Ventures Syndicate who review the main opportunities they foresee in a post-COVID world.

TBI Virtual Summit


Department of Science and Technology

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), together with QBO Innovation Hub, will once again hold the Philippine Startup Week (PHSW) on November 23-27, 2020 which will be highlighted by three major virtual summits of the three agencies and several community events organized by the private sector and other startup enablers. With this year’s theme "Filipino Startups Powering Up the New Normal", the PHSW20 sets out to showcase the thriving Filipino startups and shine a spotlight on the various sectors and entities that contribute to the resilience of the Philippine Startup Ecosystem.

The 4th National Technology Business Incubator (TBI) Virtual Summit on November 24, 2020 organized by the DOST-PCIEERD is one of the three major events at this year's PSHW which will feature keynote messages and panel discussion of different local and international startups and startup enablers anchored on the theme “Building a Sustainable Startup Ecosystem in the Midst of the Pandemic”.

TBI Feature: UCIANS, University of the Cordilleras


UC Innovation and Nurturing Space

Track: Discover

The Technology Business Incubator of the University of the Cordilleras (UCIANS), share their banner program in Criminal Justice, feature their incubation program and startup incubatees, as well as Baguio city's Startup Ecosystem.

Youth Business International Feature

2:30PM - 3:00PM 

Youth Business International (Supported by:

Track: Showcase

Top 100 by QBO


QBO Innovation Hub

Meet 100 of the best startups in the Philippines!

Branding and Social Media Mastery



Track: Develop

Branding and Social Media Mastery with Canva is a 1-hour webinar on building your brand identity, and the design thinking behind impactful social media content. The 45-minute presentation is followed by a 15-minute Q&A with the presenter. The goal of our session is to motivate entrepreneurs and startups to use design as a vital tool in building their brands and to effectively engage with, not just their target market, but with a community.

Energy Regulations & Existing Digital Technologies


Exora Technologies Inc. / New Energy Nexus

Track: Showcase

This panel will explore business opportunities in the electricity market and discuss movements in the Retail Competition and Open Access (RCOA) and Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act (RA 11285), as well as the future pipelines of the Department of Energy (DOE) and Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).

Angel Investing in the New Normal


Manila Angel Investors Network

Track: Invest

Ever wondered what investors look for in early-stage startups? How can your startup be investible in the new normal and how can you meet investors’ standards? In this event, members of the Philippines leading investment network, the Manila Angel Investors Network (MAIN) will share their insights as angel investors, from the type of companies they look for to the deal processes of MAIN. Their event is an opportunity for startups in any industry to ask questions to the angel investors from MAIN.

SeeYouDoc & Pivotal Peak: The Product Launch of Integrated Model of Telemedicine and Electronic Medical Records


SeeYouDoc, Corp., Pivotal Peak Digital Health Solutions, Inc., Asian Institute of Management - Dado Banatao Incubator (AIM-DBI), University of the Philippines Manila

Track: Showcase

The launch of an integrated model of telemedicine and electronic medical record (EMR) system through See You Doc, Corp. & Pivotal Peak Digital Health Solutions, Inc. can broaden and enhance the quality of healthcare services and benefits by implementing the mandates of the Republic Act No. 11223, also known as the Universal Healthcare Law through establishing and leveraging the eHealth initiative. Asian Institute of Management - Dado Banatao Incubator (AIM-DBI) and University of the Philippines (UP) Manila officially endorses the two eHealth startups as healthcare innovators to the global market and provide a demonstration of integrated digital health products. The community event aims to showcase the products offered by See You Doc, Corp. and Pivotal Peak Digital Health Solutions, Inc. The event will be an opportunity to launch the concept of “Digital Health Marketplace”, an array of eHealth solutions to prepare health organizations to transition to technology-enabled healthcare delivery systems.

ARISE Startup Pitch Competition


StartUp Village

Track: Showcase

ARISE Startup Challenge is a national pitching competition happening on November 24 during Philippine Startup Week 2020. Organized by StartUp Village, this event aims to fund, nurture, and support innovative and groundbreaking startups that possess promising ideas that are both bankable and sustainable. This is the right time to give this new generation of entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their ideas and innovations. ARISE will help level the playing field by giving each startup a chance to be discovered and showcased to a group of potential investors, partners, and clients. The pitching competition will provide an exciting mix of startups coming from all over the Philippines while also being a platform to display the brilliance and capabilities of Filipino startups.

Harnessing the Power of Data


First Circle

Track: Develop

Harnessing the Power of Data is a practical discussion on optimizing business through the use of data solutions

Cash Flow Management - Pandemic Edition

8:00PM-9:00PM Inc.

Track: Develop

A basic cash flow management workshop on how business owners should understand the importance of proper accounting for better decision making and compliance with tax and other government regulations even during the pandemic crisis. Participants of the program will learn the importance of proper accounting procedures and cash flow management in maintaining a healthy financial position in their respective enterprises even during crisis situations.



Department of Trade and Industry

SLINGSHOT is DTI’s annual international conference that brings together stakeholders of the country’s startup ecosystem to discuss concerns related to scaling up and globalizing startup enterprises. It enables participants to connect with one another, showcase new products and services, and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Recovering Together through Innovation and Technology


Grab Philippines

Track: Discover

Recovering Together Through Innovation and Technology is a conversation on how technology and innovation can play a significant role in driving safe and sustainable economic recovery for our communities.

TBI Feature: CDO b.i.t.e.s., University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines


CDO b.i.t.e.s, AGILAB

Track: Discover

This TBI Feature will highlight the TBIs (technology business incubators) that have submitted applications to join Philippine Startup Week 2020.

Assessing One’s Creditworthiness in the New Normal


Credit Information Corporation

Track: Discover

Credit Information Corporation (CIC), the country's central credit registry and repository of Filipinos' credit information, continuously expands its credit database to realize financial inclusivity as envisioned by the law. As of date, the CIC database remains the largest and most comprehensive database in the country covering 22.8 million Filipinos (roughly 36 percent of the country’s adult population) from across 534 financial institutions submitting data to the credit registry. Through the CIC Credit Report—which may now be accessed online through a credit bureau app—individuals including business owners and the startup community may establish their creditworthiness in order to avail of the needed financial services.

Top 100 by QBO


QBO Innovation Hub

Meet 100 of the best startups in the Philippines!

How to Build The Future by PayMongo



Track: Discover

In this keynote, Francis will talk about how we can, as a community, further foster entrepreneurship in the Philippines, his views on what we should work on and insights from his learnings in building PayMongo.

TBI Feature: TOMASInno Center, University of Santo Tomas



Track: Discover

This TBI Feature presents TOMASInno Center's programs, showcases their incubated startups, and discusses the city's startup ecosystem.

First Things First: Making Business Integrity a Priority



Track: Develop

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended industries and livelihoods and has pushed segments of society to pursue entrepreneurship. Young entrepreneurs often look for guidance on how to create a product or service, how to hire people, or how to find funding, but young entrepreneurs could also make a significant impact by operating with honesty, transparency, and integrity and setting an example for other entrepreneurs in their countries. UNDP’s FairBiz program aims to provide young entrepreneurs with the support needed for them to build their businesses the right way.

MICROSOFT: Emerge X Regional Pitching Competition



Track: Showcase

Microsoft is proud to host Highway to a 100 Unicorns, a program with the aim to discover, nurture and engage with high potential technology startups from 16 countries in APAC, to help them achieve their scaling goals in a bid to enable them to become truly global enterprises in the future.

Today, some of the high potential startups we work with are Shohoz in Bangladesh, Pick Me, and Linear Squared in Sri Lanka. They have all raised funding (between $2Million - $15Million) and are leveraging the deep support that the Microsoft for Startups Program brings to them.

The program includes a competition called Emerge X, where Microsoft for Startups selects the top 5-10 startups from each of the 16 countries to be onboarded for a deep year long mentorship program.
The top startup from each country will also get to pitch their solution at Philippines Startup Week. Their pitches will be judged by a panel of prominent VCs and investors who will identify the top 3 startups in the whole region.

Building Corporate Partnerships with AI and Data


Plentina, Inc.

Track: Collaborate

AI and data is an innovation now used by many corporations worldwide. Learn how to harness the power of machine learning and big data in securing successful partnerships which can help your startup get access to the funding, resources, skills, and people it needs. In this panel discussion, attendees will find out how to build corporate partnerships with AI and data for their startups to grow.

Exit to Community (E2C) - A New Perspective on Startup Exits


The Spark Project, Globe Telecom, Clock In by Ayala Land Offices

Track: Discover

There’s a growing movement where startup founders look to exit to community,” writes Megan Rose Dickey in a September 2020 article on TechCrunch. We have been familiarized with the notion that exits for startups can go one of two ways: IPO or acquisition. There is an emerging perspective proposing an alternative way for startups to exit that could potentially bring more value to a larger variety of stakeholders.

Learn more about Exit to Community (E2C), and how this new model can help startups transition from an investor-owned entity to a community-owned one.

Transitioning to the New Learning Paradigm


Taktyl Studios, Inc.

Track: Showcase

Taktyl Studios will highlight the importance of digital education training and instruction design by showcasing the online learning management systems.

Digital Transformation and Corporate Innovation


Embiggen Consulting - A Corporate Innovation & Strategy Consulting Firm

Track: Collaborate


Digital Transformation and Corporate Innovation is a panel that explores how digital transformation and corporate iInnovation are the keys to unlocking post-covid growth. The panel features speakers from Silicon Valley.

Introduction to Machine Learning on the Cloud


Apper, Developers Circle Manila, AWS

Track: Develop


Did you know that Machine Learning is one of the hottest IT trends for organizations during this pandemic? Are you considering upskilling yourself to benefit from the growth? Get ready for another event brought to you by Apper in partnership with Developers Circles Manila and AWS! Featuring AWS Certified Machine Learning experts including the country's only Machine Learning Hero, Joshua Arvin Lat! Discover practical applications, tools, and how you can participate in this booming industry.

Innovation, Intellectual Property, and Commercialization Conversations for Startups


League of Innovation and Intellectual Property Advocates (LIPAD PH)

Track: Develop


Disrupt or be disrupted—this saying alone demonstrates that innovation plays a pivotal role in a startup’s life. However, in narratives of disruption and innovation, the equally important role of the intellectual property (IP) system for protecting such intellectual creations is often left out. In this panel discussion, LIPAD PH brings together experts in innovation, IP law, and IP-related practical business considerations in a compact session to talk about the tools of the trade, why these fields are important, and why startups should have an innovation and IP mindset early on and throughout its life.

Be a Mover: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through Entrepreneurship



Track: Discover

The Movers Programme is a regional movement of volunteers who develop SDGs awareness, entrepreneurial mindsets and21st-century skills by conducting localized training at a grassroots level. The Movers Programme uses a training-of-trainer approach and works with community partners to target harder-to-reach groups and support Youth Co:Lab’s objective to leave no youth behind.

International Ecosystem Feature: Silicon Valley