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Frequently Asked Questions

About Community Events

1. What kind of community events are you looking for?

We're looking for community partners who will organize community events (e.g. keynote, panel, demo day, competitions) during PHSW20.

2. What are the event formats for PHSW20?

To standardize the events and to allow for a more intuitive program design, the following formats are allowed:

  • Keynote (1 hour)

  • Panel (1.5 hours)

  • Special Program (3 hours)

If your program requires a different format, please send an email to

3. Where do I apply to be a Community Partner and when is the deadline for this?

You may apply through this link. Deadline for submission is on October 2, 2020. Applicants will be contacted by the PHSW20 team on October 9. If you are chosen, we will provide you the confirmed date and time of your event

4. Can I submit more than one event?

Yes, but please note that only one event will be allowed per application entry. If you have two or more events that you wish to submit, please submit them separately.

5. Is there a fee to organize a community event?

No, it's completely free! All we ask is for you to organize a great event! :) But if you're interested to sponsor or further support PHSW20, you may send us an email at

6. Do you have any tips that can boost the chance of my event being chosen?

Here are some tips: feature great local international speakers and topics, co-organize with other partners to increase your ability to execute, create a better format, and lastly, get creative! Don't be afraid to try something that hasn't been done before.

7. What virtual platform will you be using?

The 5-day virtual conference will be held via Attendify. The platform captures the excitement and energy of walking into an event venue and access to learning and networking opportunities. Once community events are confirmed, we will be asking the community partners to submit pre-recorded videos of their event. Despite the 5-day conference showing pre-recorded events, attendees will feel like it's a live conference because we will only play the events during their dedicated time slot.

8. If the event is pre-recorded, how will audience engagement work?

We would suggest that you and your speakers stay online during your session so that they can answer questions through the chat function.

9. What are the benefits of pre-recorded videos?

There are a number of benefits! Community partners will have more flexibility in terms of the schedule of their chosen speakers as they can record it anytime prior to submission (which hopefully gets us better options for speakers!). Community partners can also plan more and be more creative in their recording and editing. Last but not the least, we won't have to worry about our speakers having poor internet connection during the 5-day conference because everything would have been recorded already!

10. Where do I submit the pre-recorded video?

All videos will be submitted to the PHSW20 team because we will include some acknowledgements, promotions, and announcements. Further instructions will be given once your community event is confirmed.

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